publics creating methodologies

The Connectors Study is concerned with starting a public conversation at the intersections of activism, childhood, and everyday life.

Publics creating methodologies is a term that we have coined to describe the experimental aspects of the study which move being the purely ethnographic and which purposively seek to communicate the research to the public, and engage the public in our thinking.

We take a values-inspired definition of a publics as the cares and concerns amongst strangers. We understand a publics creating methodology to be a set of practices aimed at connecting cares and concerns that might otherwise remain private.

Our publics creating methodologies use both face-to-face and online methods. They include child-led visual methods, online crowd sourcing activities, workshops, exhibitions and a book; in so being they engage with social, cultural, and political practices such as remembering, documenting, narrating, and assembling.


You can read about our earliest political memories activity and view the archive here.

Our latest activity is seeking kitchen table stories, and you can submit yours here