activism on the edge of age

Activism on the Edge of age was a two-day event organised by the Connectors Study and hosted by the Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth (CIRCY: Childhood Publics stream) in June 2016 .

The workshop brought together an interdisciplinary group of researchers working on activism broadly defined from the perspectives of ‘the everyday’ and the life course.

You can read the call for papers, and the programme of the day here:



We were joined for the two days by visual artist Nat Al-Tahhan who created this beautiful visual narrative of our discussions:





Following the conversations at the workshop, the Connectors Study Team co-edited a themed special issue of Contemporary Social Science, on ‘Political Activism across the Lifecourse’ which included papers from a number of the workshop presenters. You can access the whole special issue here:

Political activism across the life course’ (2017) Contemporary Social Science, 12(1-2)


You can read a full summary of the special issue here:

Political activism across the life course: Special issue for Contemporary Social Science

The introduction and Connectors Team paper ‘talking politics in everyday family lives’ are both open access papers, and can be viewed here:

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2017). ‘Political activism across the life course’, Contemporary Social Science, 12(1-2), pp.1-12. DOI 10.1080/21582041.2017.1336566. Open Access.


Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (2017). ‘Talking politics in everyday family lives’, Contemporary Social Science, 12(1-2), pp.68-83. DOI: 10.1080/21582041.2017.1330965. Open Access.



David Canter, editor of Contemporary Social Science, discusses the whole Special Issue in this podcast:

You can read the full transcript of the podcast here


The whole special issue is now available as a book:

Nolas, S-M., Varvantakis, C. & Aruldoss, V. (Eds) (2018). Political Activism across the the Life CourseLondon: Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-8153-8533-2.