kitchen table stories


Do you have a ‘kitchen table story’, some ‘writing on the wall’ or another evocative or visual encounter with public life  that you can send us?

Where was the first, last or most memorable place you encountered public life?


Last year we started experimenting with online crowd-sourcing methodologies (what I’m calling a ‘publics creating methodology’). We asked for submissions of earliest political memories because we were interested in thinking about the biographical and historical dimensions of encountering public life in childhood.

This year, we are shifting our attention from time to space and place. We are curious about the geographies of encountering public life and the political in everyday life.


Where do encounters with public life take place?


These could be past encounters, recent encounters or most memorable encounters. We leave the definition of politics open, it is whatever politics means to you.

We are asking for short submissions accompanied by a photo. We call these ‘photo-stories’ and you can read about our photo-story methodology here. The photo does not have to correspond to the story, it can be illustrative or abstract, and you can submit a story without a photo.

Our crowd sourcing activity will run from today onwards. We will then re-blog one photo-story a day until all submissions have been blogged.