November 5-9th 2017

In common: children’s photo-stories of public life

An international exhibition of children’s photo-stories about what matters to them

Candid Arts Trust 3 Torrens Street, London, EC1V 1NQ



How do younger children encounter, experience and maybe engage with public life? What does public life mean for younger children? How might thinking about public life from a child’s perspective help us to re-thinking the relationships between public-private-personal-political experiences? These are questions that a European Research Council funded international study working with forty-five 6 to 8 year olds in Athens, Hyderabad and London, has been asking. The exhibition is the outcome of three years intensive research with children and showcases the study findings through photographic stories created by the children. The exhibition also features illustrated and anonymously crowdsourced stories of ‘earliest political memories’ from members of the public. There will be opportunities for visitors to contribute their own ‘earliest political memories’ to the emerging archive.





Activism on the Edge of Age: June 2-3, 2016

Activism on the Edge of age was a two-day event organised by the Connectors Study and hosted by the Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth (CIRCY: Childhood Publics stream). The workshop brought together an interdisciplinary group of researchers working on activism broadly defined from the perspectives of ‘the everyday’ and the life course. More details can be found in the workshop call for papers and final programme. We were joined for the two days by visual artist Nat Al-Tahhan who created a beautiful visual narrative of our discussions.

visual narrative