Photo/stories from the field are back!

Last summer we ran a 12-part series called ‘photo/stories from the field’. You can read the entries here. The photo/stories from the field are back again this summer with another instalment of 12 photo-stories running from today until mid-September.

The photo/stories draws on the multimodal method we developed for working with the children and the visual data we generated together. You can see the outcome of that method here. The photo/stories from the field series, as you’ll find it on the blog, belongs to a tradition of ethnographic writing that documents and communicates fragments of experience, moments of engaging in fieldwork and in our case, being with the study children and their parents over a three-year period. We are particularly keen to capture something of the messiness of fieldwork and as such, the photo/stories are written fairly informally in the style of what cultural theorist calls récits, short stories or anecdotes often told to amuse, entertain, warn, intrigue, or in other ways impart knowledge and experience. As such, the photo/stories are intended to give a glimpse into the research processes and our experiences of doing the fieldwork. This summer we have themed the photo/stories. The series starts of with writing on different aspects of our methodology, as well as exploring emotionality and liminality of fieldwork experiences.

Photo/stories from the field methods, emotions and liminality starts next Wednesday 13 June.